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The contacts below are for professional contacts, or established clients only (New Clients please DO NOT leave messages for clinicians, but complete our online form instead.). Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, do not call or leave a message for a provider, but immediately call 911 instead. You will find additional support numbers in the bottom panel of this page.

No sales calls or solicitation of any kind.

Useful Numbers

General Inquiries

(360) 329-2055 x801

Prescription Line

(360) 329-2055 x803

Billing Inquiries

(360) 329-2055 x802

Fax Number

(360) 230-1471



Karen King          (360) 329-2055 x701


Stephen King          (360) 329-2055 x702

Medical Director

Dr Dev Brierley          (360 329-2055 x715

Clinical Lead

Emily Craig          (360) 329-2055 x707


Kayla Guettich

Clinic Manager          (360) 329-2055 x705

Elisa King

Outreach / Marketing          (360) 329-2055 x725

Raven Tomasko

Admin Lead          (360) 329-2055 x801

Heather Daniels

Billing Lead          (360) 329-2055 x802

Jeanett Bimbela

Admin Assistant          (360) 329-2055 x801


Dr Dev Brierley

ARNP Prescriber          (360) 329-2055 x715          Profile Page

Dr Tiffane Staley

ARNP Prescriber          (360) 329-2055 x714          Profile Page

Kate Hume

ARNP Prescriber          (360) 329-2055 x713          Profile Page

Mykela Puckering

RN Nurse          (360) 329-2055 x730


Karen King

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329=2055 x701          Profile Page

Emily Craig

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x707          Profile Page

Nali Adesso

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x732          Profile Page

Rachelle Olson

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x717          Profile Page

Rebecca Barrett

LSWAIC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x734          Profile Page

Rebecca Jarnagin

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x704          Profile Page

Jorge Molinero

LMFTA Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x712          Profile Page

Amy Fritsch

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x718          Profile Page

Ryan Kocourek

LICSW Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x719          Profile Page

Anne Brush

LMFT Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x724          Profile Page

Kendra Bralens Corey

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x706          Profile Page

Claire Foden

LMHCA Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x735          Profile Page

Kimberley McNickle

LMHC Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x720          Profile Page

Linda Cavers

LMHCA Counselor          (360) 329-2055 x728          Profile Page

Human Resources

Melissa Logan

HR & Payroll Specialist          (360) 329-2055 x733


Stephen King

IT Lead          (360) 329-2055 x702

Rory King

Maintenance          (360) 329-2055 x708

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