Serving Your Health Needs

If you are an individual, couple or family searching for a licensed therapist for counseling therapy, an ARNP for medication management, or a Naturopath in Bellingham or Whatcom county, we can help. If you are a parent looking for help with your child's behavioral issues, we have child mental health specialists that can help you. We work with issues such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship conflicts and boundary issues, or even eating disorders or addictions.


Counseling Therapy

Individual counseling, individual therapychild counseling, teen counseling, family counseling, family conflict resolutioncouples counseling, relationship issues

Our team of counselors provide a broad range of specialties and therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (aka CBT) or Solution Focused Brief Therapy (aka SFBT or Solution Focused Therapy). With our team of experienced therapists we can provide a 'good fit' for you and the issues challenging you. Whether you are feeling hopeless and in the depths of depression and desperately need help, or you are just having trouble managing the stress of modern life and need a little extra support, our counselors and therapists are trained to help you get back on your path again. 


ARNP Medication Management

Individual counseling, individual therapychild counseling, teen counseling, family counseling, family conflict resolutioncouples counseling, relationship issues

Our ARNP Dev Brierley PhD specializes in psychriatric mental health treatment and provides medication prescription and management for those who are currently on, or considering adding, medication support to their mental health team. Dev brings a wealth of medical knowledge as well as supportive guidance on lifestyle choices, and a great depth of compassion to her work with patients.

You do not need to be a counseling client at King Health Associates to see Dev as a patient and she welcomes mental health referrals from all members of the community.

We are so much more than ARNPs, therapists and counselors serving the local communities in Bellingham or Whatcom county. Read on to discover the unique mind body integration we bring to mental health treatment that provides you with many more options for natural healing.


Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy

acupuncture, cupping, shiatsu, chronic pain relief, improve energy flowclinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, regression therapymassage therapy and Cranial sacral therapy

We offer a unique combination of holistic treatments of acupuncture, hypnotherapy and massage at our clinic. Acupuncture, Massage and Hypnotherapy address the physical effects occurring in the body influenced by emotions. These modalities are each powerful compliments to counseling and can move you more quickly towards healing.  If you have felt stuck or blocked in your talk therapy then shifting your treatment into the physical realm may clear those blockages. As a bonus, the deep relaxation of massage or hypnosis and the invigorating effect of acupuncture are always a welcome side effect!

Our acupuncturist or hypnotherapist can fully support your counselor by working in collaboration, or be used as a stand-alone treatment for specific issues such as chronic pain management, managing addictions, emotional release, improving behavioral habits and patterns and many other issues. Setting up an appointment with either Acupuncturist or Hypnotherapist is easy as clicking the Schedule button below the practitioner's photo.

Our massage therapists can aid in easing many of the physical symptoms created by emotional issues, as well as aiding in emotional release and integration before or after your session. Massage in our clinic is part of a larger treatment focus to bring your mind and body together. We believe that a massage that is sensitive to your specific emotional state and needs is an effective way to bring deep emotional healing to your life in addition to therapy. We offer 60 and 90 minute massages and same day appointments. Simply click the Schedule button below our practitioner's photos to make your massage appointment.


Insurance Plans Accepted

We currently accept Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente HMO & PPO, First Choice Health, Lifewise, HMA, MHN, United Healthcare, Molina and Beacon Health Options for most of our clinicians. Click on any logo to see which clinicians are in-network for that insurance.

(Note that other clinicians not shown may have out-of-network benefits for your insurance, which are sometimes almost as good as in-network, so be sure and check individual clinician profile pages for more information if you don't find what you are looking for)


Your Integrated Health Team

Our collaborative clinical team will support you with any area of mental health wellness through counseling therapy, medication prescription as well as holistic therapies. Whether you need marriage counseling or couples counseling, or just individual counseling for yourself. If you would like to experience how powerful complimentary treatments such as acupuncture, acupressurehypnotherapy, EFT or massage therapy can work to reduce anxiety, depression, or the effects of trauma in the body then we encourage you to try those services at our Bellingham location today. We are here for you.