"...I accept you as you are now, and support who you want to be..."

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and registered through Washington State to practice Hypnotherapy.  I continue to study the field of clinical hypnosis and have been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques.

My approach to working with clients is humanistic client-centered and feelings-based. My belief is that everything you have done until now has been your very best effort to heal and live, based on everything you have been through, been taught, and learned from experience.  And I understand that some of those efforts might not help you as they once did and maybe now it is time to find more beneficial ways, to move towards being the person you want to be.  I accept you as you are now, and support who you want to be.

I am also a WA state trained and certified Peer Counselor, state licensed as a Agency Affiliated Counselor, and have worked in community mental health supporting clients. I have experience working in a residential drug rehabilitation program for adolescents as a Group Life Counselor, a state licensed registered counselor, and have a broad experience of the emotional impact of dysfunctional family, childhood trauma, and the challenges of substance abuse.

I am a strong advocate for education and training and have attending training such as Trauma-Informed Care and certification in advanced Motivational Interviewing techniques. I enjoy education focused on subjects such as neurology, Gestalt therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT techniques, EMDR therapy, Attachment theory and PTSD, and I have a special interest in healing trauma from childhood, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

I have a holistic perspective and have strong interests in the physical function of the body as well as the mind.  I am an ACE Certified Health Coach (currently the only accredited evidence-based health coach program in the US) and ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a unique view of both mind and realities of health and lifestyle changes. I believe that there is a strong connection between mind, body and our environment, and that you cannot work on one without the others being intricately involved in the process.

I like to practice what I suggests to clients and you will find me most mornings working out at local gym, or cycling to work or on one of the many trails Bellingham has to offer. Originally from Scotland, I have lived in beautiful Bellingham since 2001, with my wife Karen and my two teenage children.


Hypnotherapy is the application of any number of psychotherapy modalities while the client is in an altered mental state, known as hypnosis. Hypnosis is an altered mental and physical state and for each client the experience may be different, but this state is something that the client experiences several times a day. It is part of the natural process of memory sorting and storage.

When in this state that client is more willing or able to accept suggestion and to have greater access to parts of the mind and body that are not normally or easily accessed. Therapy conducted under such a state appears to have different results, often overcoming sticking points and blockages.

All hypnotherapy sessions are 50 minutes.  The standard therapy hour is 50 minutes, however hypnotherapy occasionally requires additional time for trance induction and we like to give our clients some time to fully return to an alert state.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for your session, and let us know if you need to be finished within a certain time frame at the start of the appointment and we can adjust accordingly.


EFT is a technique that uses bi-lateral stimulation to keep both hemispheres of the client's brain active and engaged. It can also be used as a confusion induction and as such serves to induce a hypnotic trance, which is how you will experience it when working with me. EFT is particularly effective in reducing the emotional intensity of trauma, as well as uncovering negative beliefs and emotional blockages.

Very often EFT is used in conjunction with hypnosis to work on a particular emotional issue.

All EFT sessions are 50 minutes.

Cancer Sufferers

I currently offer up to six sessions of hypnosis free to anyone facing the challenges of cancer, of course subject to open availability. There are no studies showing that hypnosis can reduce or remove cancerous tumors, however there are studies that suggest hypnosis can benefit cancer sufferers through lowering of stress and encouraging a state of calm relaxation. 

If you would like to make use of hypnosis in your cancer fight then simply schedule as normal and in your intake note please indicate that you wish to take advantage of this offer.