"...supported and strengthened to get us through in times of need." 

Life and circumstances can be tough and our inner resiliency can be supported and strengthened to get us through in times of need.  I have found oftentimes there is a breaking point in which one realizes they, or someone they love, need some help.

I work with individuals and families in times of great need.  In my experience, I have found there are two places clients generally come from when they are ready to see me; times of crisis, and from feeling 'stuck'.

Much of my experience comes from families or individuals in crisis.  This may come from a sudden transition, behavior change or rapid shift in you or your family’s future.  Many feel like their pain or situation is too big or scary to handle by themselves or do not know where to turn.  Turning to therapy in times of crisis, or whichever word feels right for you, can give you the tools and support to end up thriving.

The word “stuck” has resonated to so many; the sensation that life keeps moving while you stay still.  You may find yourself trying new ways for you or your family to change and nothing seems to last.  Therapy is for you to recognize where you want to be and what is keeping you from getting there.


At King Health Associates I am the instructor for DBT classes and workshops. Please contact our office admin to find out when the next series of classes will be held.