"I want to share hope as well as empower you to make positive changes that will restore balance to your body, mind and spirit"

Hi, I am Tamara Thompson, and I have spent most of my adult life working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner helping others find balance and hope when their lives have become stressed. I am both licensed by the State of Washington and nationally Board Certified. My Undergraduate training took place at the University of Washington, where I earned my degrees In Psychology and Nursing. Several years later, I received my masters degree is Psychosocial Mental Health Nursing at Vanderbilt University. I have been practicing and prescribing for over 25 years, and find fulfillment in helping others achieve optimum health.

I was drawn to the field of psychiatry because I believe that the most valuable gift one person can give another is that of unconditional acceptance and a sense of feeling genuinely understood.  Life is hard and we all struggle in this fast paced, technologically advanced world that values the qualities of individualism, strength, independence, and economic success, all of which (while not certainly not negative) can make it difficult for individuals to express vulnerability and share authentically with others what they are thinking and feeling underneath it all. Many people tell me they feel lonely and isolated, and are hesitant to reach out for support, or wonder if any “help” is even available or effective. I want to change that!

We, as humans, are complex, creative individuals capable of solving all sorts of problems. In our day to day interactions, we are capable of expressing love and bringing great joy to those around us. By the same token however, when our lives get out of balance and stress becomes too great, we often find release for our pain in unproductive behaviors that cause chaos, and bring those closest to us sadness and pain.

The good news is that we do not have to remain stuck!  I firmly believe we are the ultimate directors of our choices and our lives.  Negative patterns which were once learned; with practice, can be unlearned.  Often with the guidance from an outside objective source, we can better identify these unhealthy ways of interacting and learn new skills that will bring back balance and harmony to our relationships and lives.

My chief pursuit as a mental health “healer” Is to to provide a safe place of acceptance where you, as an individual can express yourself without fear of judgment and share the unique burdens you now carry. My goal Is to authentically connect with and understand you. Through our therapeutic relationship I want to share hope as well as empower you to make positive changes that will restore balance to your body, mind and spirit. Our therapeutic journey is intended to assist you in developing insight and learning to use more adaptive skills in place of old less adaptive habits. As this process unfolds, I believe you will find, as many other clients have before you, that you are much better equipped to take charge and consciously manage your life and relationships in a manner that is healthier, mutually beneficial and satisfying.


I provide care for both adults and teens. Because I am medically trained I specialize in providing comprehensive psychiatric assessment and also ongoing medication management. This means initially I gather information from you regarding your entire person, (body, mind and spirit). Together, we then work to determine what type of treatment would best suit your needs. The medical portion of the evaluation focuses on establishing whether there is any biological imbalances or deficiencies that may be affecting your overall function. For example; low thyroid function, or certain drug combinations can cause a person to feel “depressed”, when the deficiencies are treated symptoms stop. There are also some simple DNA saliva tests which can provide valuable information regarding how your body processes specific types of medication, which in turn Impacts choice between medications.
Some people only require “talk therapy”, however many find they benefit from a combination of psychotherapy, medication, alternative therapies (such as massage, acupuncture, etc). I also am able to provide individual therapy, family and group therapy on a limited basis.
I draw from a variety of different theoretical treatment approaches that are generally empirically based (have research to support their use), and are considered “best practices“ in the field. These approaches include:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Bowenian Family of Origin (psychodynamic) therapy
  • Client Centered therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Psycho education