"move towards a healthier, creative, vibrant life with a new sense of meaning and purpose"

I have been working with adults facing a variety of challenges in many different settings over the last five years, including outpatient therapy, hypnotherapy, hospital social work, and tribal health. My interests in spirituality, philosophy, nature and creative expression have helped form my approach as a therapist. I have found that at times we all find ourselves in periods of growth that can be chaotic, challenging, and confusing. Growth and change can be difficult but if troubling obstacles are removed, one can move towards a healthier, creative, vibrant life with a new sense of meaning and purpose. Taking the first step in your journey towards healing and transformation takes courage and dedication and I look forward to seeing if it makes sense for me to walk with you down this road.

Individual Therapy

As a therapist, I pull from a variety of experiences and teachings to inform my work with others including depth psychology, hypnotherapy, solution-focused brief therapy, Mindfulness, Existential psychology, DBT, transpersonal psychology, lessons from nature, and traditional teachings I have learned through my work with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. I see you as having your own unique story and I find significance in understanding your individuality and adjusting my approach to fit your individual needs. I will often suggest books, music, or poetry relevant to the work we are doing in therapy, as well as offer experiential suggestions outside of therapy to help you progress towards your goals.


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