Ravyn Ramos

ARNP (AP60122500) Naturopatic Physician (NT60114366)

"I am here to help you untangle this web..."


I am a licensed naturopathic physician and board-certified family nurse practitioner with over a decade of experience helping patients to optimize their mental and physical wellness through integrative care.
Integrative medicine is defined as a combination of conventional and complementary approaches to healthcare. It emphasizes the use of diverse modalities which may include prescriptions, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and psychotherapy in order to treat the whole person.  I deeply believe that our emotional state directly affects our physical health, just as our physical dis-ease sometimes manifests as mental and emotional distress. I am here to help you untangle this web as it applies to you individually.
I have an undergraduate degree both in Biology and in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia. I earned a family nurse practitioner degree from Seattle University and obtained a clinical doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2009. I also hold a Master’s in Healthcare  Administration from UNC Chapel Hill pursued out of a passion for understanding novel approaches to healthcare delivery.
I have a lively household and enjoy vegetable gardening, Latin dancing, and traveling off the beaten path. I speak Spanish and Portuguese. I have significant experience working in family practice with individuals and populations with burdensome life stressors, trauma, addiction, and resultant mental health struggles that can be difficult to treat. This has led me to seek a balance between traditional and alternative mental health options for my patients. I have worked in many diverse environments and seen great success with many non-traditional approaches, including functional medicine,  vitamin and supplement therapies, as well as ketamine therapy and psychedelic integration.
Many clients will benefit from a combination of therapies including counseling, common psychiatric prescriptions, as well as alternative or non-traditional options.  In some cases, I may be your mental health prescription provider; in others, I will serve as secondary support to your primary psychiatric prescriber and therapist. In all cases, I will work alongside the rest of our team to find the combination of services that will safely and holistically support your mental health care needs.
It is imperative that you maintain a relationship with a primary care provider for your ongoing healthcare maintenance during our work together. I do not provide primary care services such as wellness checks (ie, pap smears) or management of conditions like high blood pressure.
Services I do provide relate directly to mental health and may include:
  • Stress hormone testing and management (ie, Cortisol, DHEA)
  • Reproductive hormone testing and management (ie, Estrogen, Testosterone)
  • Genetic testing related to mental health (ie, MTHFR)
  • Vitamin and mineral level testing and treatment
  • Heavy metal testing and treatment
  • Digestive health testing and treatment
I look forward to getting to know you and working together to help you become your best self.


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