“ I work to bring a variety of approaches in to our sessions,

tailoring each to best cultivate the growth you are seeking”

Making the choice to see a counselor is choosing to begin a journey of self-discovery.  Whether you are suffering a deep wound in your past, anxious about the future, challenged in relationship with a partner or child, or simply seeking to know yourself better, you have already begun the process. By emphasizing your experience of the world in this moment, we can begin to identify how you want to change and ways you can begin to integrate that change.  I work to bring a variety of approaches in to counseling sessions, tailoring each to best cultivate the growth you are seeking.  Meaning-making in the natural world, mindfulness practice, and imaginative play are just some of the tools we may use to facilitate your journey.  The only thing left to do is begin.

Individual Therapy

We all struggle and we all need support at times to get through the challenging phases of our lives.  Having a compassionate, non-judgmental space to be wholly ourselves can be a difficult thing to find.  This is precisely what I strive to offer my clients; an opportunity let go the masks they hold up for the world, to build relationship with someone they can trust to listen and remind them of their own strength.  My therapeutic approach is grounded in the concept of healing through authentic contact and growth in the here-and-now.  I bring mindfulness, compassion, contact with nature, and metaphor to help you to see your own power, wisdom, and ability to learn new ways of overcoming the challenges you face.  You are Hero of your story, I am honored to walk a part of it with you.

Child Therapy

Imagination expressed through art, stories, and play, is the language through which children communicate their inner worlds.  This holds true even, or perhaps especially, when they are struggling.  I bring play and metaphor into the therapy space to help kids make sense of the world they are learning to be a part of.  Growing up is such a monumental task and it is quite common for kids (and parents!) to need additional support when the going gets rough. Through the narrative structure of the Hero's Journey, children can explore how their struggles work to teach  and strengthen them so that they can bring their own unique gifts to those around them.  Working with a sand tray is another opportunity for children to act our and gain insight into how their minds are perceiving the world. I bring these and a variety of other approaches into session with kids based on their own needs and interests. Every one of us experiences pain, loss, and seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout our lives and helping children understand their own strength and learn to utilize coping skills will help set them up for long term success.  

Couples Therapy

When working with families or couples, my primary goal is to listen and understand the foundation upon which you have built your relationship and to assist you in reconnecting with the health and strength that exists there.  I offer help in growing communication skills, learning tools to navigate conflict, practice in identifying and sharing emotions, and reestablishing contact with your partner, child, parent, sibling, or other important people in your life.  I will work to help each person feel heard and understood while encouraging self-reflection.  Your relationship has not always been troubled, and there is hope that it needn't be going forward.  Let's work together to repairing your foundation so you can get back to building a more joyful connection.