“...care that recognizes the totality of the human being, the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit”

I am an LMHCA with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am currently enrolled at Pacifica in the Archetypal and Jungian Psychology program, and I expect to complete my M.A. in the winter of 2020. I am a Jungian-oriented counselor and my goal is to provide care that recognizes the totality of the human being, the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. I work with an awareness of the powerful influences and contexts of social/cultural, relationship, environment, and energy issues upon the individual. Together, we can explore the old stories that prevent you from living the life you want to live. Through the process of awareness, transformation, and actualization, Jungian-oriented counseling can empower the individual to live a more meaningful life.

My experience, supported by education and training, has inspired in me a profound belief in the healing process. Deep and essential aspects of the essence of this process are compassion, acceptance, and respect. These energies are essential in forming a safe environment where the individual may share their truths. I believe in the power of being heard at depth. This means that I believe in the living presence of compassionate receptivity. These qualities, among others, help form the psychological realm that holds the experience of the client. This atmosphere is protected by the practice of confidentiality.

I am fascinated by depth psychology. Some of my favorite authors are Carl Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections), James Hillman (Revisioning Psychology), Lionel Corbett (Psyche and the Sacred), and Marie-Louise von Franz (Alchemy).

Individual Counseling

My approach is humanistic and client-centered. The dignity and humanity of the individual are central.

My approach to therapy includes a variety of modalities, among them a long-term depth perspective. I strive to be sensitive to the course the client wishes to take. My primary orientation is Jungian. My work with clients can be psychotherapeutic and includes talk therapy, active listening, dream work, active imagination, the development of personal awareness, and the expressive arts. I use reframing to provide a contrast to established ways of thinking that no longer serve one and to provide an alternate perspective.

As a professional artist, I have an intense interest in the creative process. I believe that imagination is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and that it plays a pivotal role in the healing process. The imagination is a conductor of psychological energy, aiding in the process of transformation.


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