“...understanding and obtaining a full grasp of achieving balance...”

I would first like to say that I am pleased to have the opportunity of being your counselor. Finding the right counselor can be difficult and take a considerable amount of time, effort, and energy. In today’s society, it’s difficult to enjoy daily balanced values (i.e. Families, Careers, personal goals, etc.) however, it’s imperative we remember to tend to our emotional wellness and mental wellbeing. I would love to work with you understanding and obtaining a full grasp of achieving balance via your own personal values. Stress management is a vital skill but so is learning to cope with anxiety and depression, dealing with racial or gender inequalities/biases, or learning to process/processing through traumatic events. These are all prominent issues that I would love to assist you with, given the opportunity.

Individual Counseling

I provide counseling through Telehealth to adults (18+) that find it difficult to make it into a traditional office every week. My work experience includes depression, anxiety, crisis work and trauma therapy services, cultural/racial issues, gender inequalities, LGBTQ issues, socioeconomic challenges, and many more. I tend to utilize Person-Centered Therapy in order to continue to tailor an individual's therapy experiences to specified needs. I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT or Brief counseling), and Mindfulness-based therapy techniques as common practices. 


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