“I have accepted fear as part of life - specifically the fear of change... I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back” -Erica Jong


Change is inherently scary, so we resist it. And yet it is the one constant truth about life. You are courageous for taking this first step toward change that you choose in your life. Whether you are seeking to heal trauma, break out of unhelpful patterns of behavior, improve your relationship satisfaction, or deepen your understanding of yourself, I am here for you.

I have been working as a licensed therapist for the last 7 years in a variety of settings, including private practice, crisis stabilization, detox, and Intensive Programming for Eating Disorders. I specialize in working with clients who are suffering from eating disorders, low body image, or who are in recovery from “Diet Culture.” I practice from a Health At Every Size (HAES) philosophy and believe in the “Intuitive Eating” and “All Foods Fit” approach to eating recovery. I am particularly excited about helping clients experience freedom in their bodies in order to reclaim (or claim for the first time!) a life full of joy. I am also an artist and love working with other Creatives--especially those who are “blocked” and wanting to find ways to step into a deeper expression of themselves. I have found that many people who suffer from trauma, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety have an artist hiding somewhere inside of them, and I love empowering the expression of that inner artist!
I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington. I received my B.S. in Psychology from Washington State University in 2002 and went on to complete my B.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in 2013. I live in Spokane, WA with my husband, where I enjoy endless opportunities to explore the outdoors and an abundance of sunshine! 

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is a powerful and productive agent for change. It offers a unique opportunity to explore painful experiences in a safe context. I really believe the vast majority of people's pain and suffering stems from relationship injury, so I cherish the opportunity to use therapeutic relationships to bring healing and model healthy attachment.


We're Here For You