“...a willingness to learn, change and grow is a challenging, yet vital first step towards healing...”


I facilitate the GroundWorks workshops at King Health, which offer a unique opportunity to our clients to begin their therapeutic journey by gaining a foundation in self-care skills that will supplement their work with their counselor or prescriber. I am aware of the tremendous need for mental health services and I know that there are many beginning the intake process who are very eager to immediately start their healing journey. Although these workshops may be recommended by a counselor at any stage of therapeutic treatment, the great advantage is that they can attended even prior to being assigned a counselor, so clients can start working towards healing straight away. (Click 

Education is a key component to the therapeutic process. My goal as a workshop facilitator is to bridge the gap between the resources that are available and you. My research encompasses both established knowledge as well as new advances and insights, through books, articles, podcasts, smartphone apps, YouTube videos and professional advice from experts in the field to create workshops that teach real-life, sometimes surprisingly simple ways to make significant change in your mental health. My goal is for each student will leave my class with concrete skills or techniques that they can realistically incorporate in their daily life.


My Background

I was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which instilled in me a love and passion for the outdoors. I moved to Bellingham, Washington in 2014 to attend Western Washington University. I graduated with a major in Outdoor Recreation and a minor in Psychology. My focus was in wilderness therapy and other alternative therapeutic modalities. I plan to continue my education towards a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and licensure. I have worked, interned and volunteered in several therapeutic settings. In 2017, I was a wilderness therapy guide for a program based in Washington State. I spent a total of six-weeks sea kayaking and backpacking with “at risk” adolescents, practicing the skills of mindfulness, journaling, resiliency, transference and facilitating nightly group counsel. I worked and interned at a private practice in Colorado where I was introduced to the skills of CBT, Hypnosis, meditation/mindfulness and EMDR training. I assisted in group EMDR for elite sports athletes. More recently, I volunteer with Our TreeHouse as a teen group facilitator. Our TreeHouse is a nonprofit focused in supporting children and adolescents who are grieving the death of a family member. I have had valuable trainings in facilitating peer-support groups, art therapy, sand-tray, role-play, and mindfulness exercises for children and adolescents. These experiences have been incredibly educational and valuable to my professional development.

I feel grateful to be able to help people in need, and for the learning opportunities I have had thus far. I am looking forward to continue teaching the Bellingham community ways to help improve their mental health, as well as continuing to expand and deepen the GroundWorks workshops program. If you have any furthers questions about myself or the Groundworks workshops, please email me. I would love to hear from you.