Jake Blondheim M.A.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“If you are ready to start the journey, I’m ready to walk alongside you.”

The process of building an alliance with someone is complex, and therapy is no different. What makes our therapeutic journey together unique is the implicit trust, objectivity, and work that undergirds it all. You are infinitely unique and your therapy accordingly must take this into account and adapt to you as an individual. This can include anything from helping build your relationships, sorting out any difficult life hurdles that might arise, finding ways for you to thrive and grow, and everything else in between. The journey is one that takes your personal investment, with the potential to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

Individual Counseling

My philosophy is to approach the process with the dignity it deserves. The human condition is deeply complex and should be approached with a sense of both awe and sincerity. I will work alongside you to understand the complexity of your own story, with respect and the tenacity to do good work in our therapeutic journey.  On one hand, I come from a behavioral perspective to help understand cognitions and their subsequent behaviors, how they affect your life, and what can be done to foster meaningful change. On the other hand, I like to balance this with an existential perspective that takes into account the sheer depth of your experience, and how we can navigate whatever waters we find ourselves in, together.

If you are ready to start the journey, I’m ready to walk alongside you.


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