“Throughout our work, I will help fill your coping skill toolbox...”

I'm a trauma-informed, anti-racist, intersectionally-minded existential psychotherapist specializing in decolonization work for healers & helping professionals (including interns and practicum students), disabled folks, people with vitiligo, first-generation college students, members of the LGBTQIA2S community, people struggling with addictive behaviors, people with high ACE scores, weary parents, folks dealing with trauma and grief, and active allies.

My M.S. in counseling from Syracuse University prepared me for clinical practice, while my Ph.D. in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture from State University of New York Binghamton University deepened my understanding of the philosophical and cultural underpinnings of psychology. I’ve published peer-reviewed book chapters on queer identity/heteronormativity and disability identity, history, and culture.

I am a proud queer Tejana member of the disability community, former teen mom, and first-generation college grad raised in generational poverty. My work is informed by my lived experience, including my journey as a woman of color with Vitiligo Universalis and my lifelong quest to confront my own internalized misogyny, racism, and ableism as a Mexican-American with both settler and Indigenous lineage. I'm a Buddhist in the Mahāyāna tradition and a loving biological and adoptive mother of several beautiful LGBTQI2S folx.

Individual Counseling

I primarily use existential narrative therapy to help people to tell, retell, and reframe their stories to empower them in grappling with the lifelong existential questions of: "Who am I?", "Where do I belong in the world?" and "What are my meaning and purpose?".

These questions are umbrellas under which many of our human struggles are nestled. When our life experiences cause us to question our identity, sense of belongingness, or reason for being, we experience an existential crisis. This can make us feel disconnected, alienated, hopeless, helpless, empty, angry, anxious, sad, or any number of unpleasant emotions. It can cause us to numb ourselves or fill the void with drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gaming, gambling, social media, overwork, busyness, etc. But this just drives our original problems underground and creates new ones on top of that. When we face our existential questions with internal bravery and authentic connections to others, we can reclaim the pen and rewrite our life story to emerge stronger and better equipped to handle what life throws in our path.

Along these same lines, my clinical niche is decolonial/decolonization therapy, in which I accompany people on their journeys to address the mental health impacts of systemic, intersectional oppression and generational trauma. I address these issues through an existential lens, examining struggles with identity, belonging, and sense of meaning and purpose as informed by trauma, marginalization, community engagement, and core values.

Throughout our work, I will help fill your coping skill toolbox with strategies from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other therapies as appropriate for your needs.


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