“Creating a compassionate environment for you to have space to be, express yourself, feel heard and supported...”

Creating a compassionate environment for you to have space to be, express yourself, feel heard and supported, and to find connection and hope is my priority.  I believe in your intuition, your inner knowing, and your resilience and want to help you move through pain, emotional blocks, and various forms of resistance so you can truly live in your authentic self.

I earned my Masters of Science in Counseling from Western North Carolina University.  During my graduate work, I interned full-time at UNCA’s Health and Counseling Center offering individual and group therapy.  I facilitated several groups at UNCA and in the community, including a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group and two LGBTQIA support groups.  I also focused my studies on Play Therapy in an intensive practicum based course.  Prior to graduate school, I spent several years working in residential care at a treatment center as well in a transitional group home for homeless youth.  I also have a background and graduate certificate in outdoor education and am passionate about the power of nature. If this is an area of interest to clients, we can explore potential nature-based practices to support your mental health.

I believe in counseling with a relational client-centered approach.  Building a therapeutic relationship of trust and connection supports the sometimes difficult work that happens in therapy.  I am a strong believer in the power of relationships to heal wounds.  I will listen to your needs about your healing and will offer support, psychoeducation, and skill building strategies to help you meet your goals.  

In our time together, I hope to support and empower you on your path to more peace and inner strength.  I will show up for you with empathy, respect, humor, and a belief in you and your healing process. 

Individual Therapy

My counseling approach is multi-faceted, culturally aware, and flexible.  With a Narrative Therapy foundation, I find through telling our stories, we can identify the roots of our behavior and relationship patterns and begin to unpack and challenge fears and insecurities we have developed over the years.  In our sessions, I may also draw on aspects of Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Somatic work, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and Relational Cultural Theory.

An important note about seeing King Health Associates Apprentices for counseling:

Our Associates Danny Moloney, Alisa Westover and Kerry Madrone are currently unable to accept clients who are presently suicidal, experience hallucinations or psychosis or have been hospitalized for mental health reasons in the past year. Our Apprentices practice at King Health only part time, and it would be unethical for them to see clients with more intensive needs that they can provide for safely and conscientiously. Thank you for your understanding. 

As of Jan 2019, both UnityCare 360-676-6177and Seamar 360-734-5458 are accepting new client intakes within a week, and new ongoing appointments within 2-3 weeks. We suggest that if you meet the criteria above you call either of those mental health centers to better serve your needs.

UPDATE: As of May 2019, all of our Molina counselors have a waitlist of 4-6 weeks. You can fill out the intake through our new client schedule now button and we will contact you if you are a good fit and when our Molina counselors have an opening. We kindly ask that you wait for 4 weeks after submitting an intake before you email us for a waitlist status update at intakes@kinghealthassoc.com. Thank you!