“...we all have the full capacity for actualization and fulfillment in our lives as engaged human beings...”

I came to psychotherapy and counseling later in life after years of working in the restaurant industry and as a freelance artist and designer. I decided I wanted to work one-on-one with individuals to help them heal, grow, and look within themselves. This decision was part of my own search for meaning and purpose. I have the unshakable belief that we all have the full capacity for actualization and fulfillment in our lives as engaged human beings living in tune with the world. Getting to that place can be hard to do on one’s own. It was for me. Helping others through this journey is the main focus of what I do in my practice.

I bring to this process my study of multiple forms of therapy and the underlying human psychology which informs them. I focus on evidence-based practices with sound research-driven support. These include solutions-based CBT, DBT, and EMDR, as well as emotional regulation and interpersonal development skills. But I believe these new therapies are only part of the right approach for many.  Often an examination of our trauma and the past can lead us to find we need a focus on the older paths of mindfulness, creativity, healing, and a journey to find the self. Each individual will need a different combination of the new and the old as well as different tools, approaches, and practices. Working together with my clients, I utilize my education and skillsets in these areas to help shape a personalized program of therapy.

I have been deeply helped and influenced by others and I hope to be able to return this in my work. While there are serious and concerning issues we look at in therapy, I also feel that it is a place for humor and joy. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.
I fulfilled the requirement for my AA degree at Seattle Central and South Seattle Colleges in 2013. Following this, I completed an AAS degree in Design at Seattle Central in 2015 College. My undergraduate education was conducted at the University of Washington culminating in a Double Major BA in Psychology and CHID (Comparative History of Ideas) in 2017. My Graduate education was obtained at Capella University, yielding an MS in Psychology with a Clinical Counseling Specialization. I have also received training and multiple certifications in different psychotherapeutic modalities and theoretical orientations post-academic education.

Individual Counseling

I firmly believe in utilizing psychoeducation in my work with clients. What this means is that I want to help the client learn, master, and create tools and practices they can take away with them. This may be just until the next session or for their lifetime. I often bring resources into my sessions and I am quite enthused when a client does as well. We live in an amazing modern world of information and there is much that can be used to help fortify the work that is done in session.
Finally, it is important to note that I am a believer in, and a practitioner of, a form of positive psychology. Often psychotherapy, counseling, and the skills and practices they utilize are used to simply address issues and problems. If we were to use a number score to describe our lives, they get us from being in the negative to zero. The problem goes away. This is important work, but I believe we can employ these same skills and methods to get us beyond that. Why not hit a two, or a five, or even a ten? Why not continue the work to grow into being more self-actualized and fully engaged individuals? For me, this is the big picture of what therapy can offer


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