"I will meet you where you are at, without judgment, with warmth, empathy, support..."

Sometimes we need support in life, it’s part of who we are. The fact that you are choosing to enter therapy is an act of great strength and courage as well as a sign of health and evidence of your commitment to growth and self-care. The choice to enter therapy is also a hopeful path that can not only help you work through the pain but enrich your life in unexpected ways.

Life is both beautiful and inherently challenging. Loss and some level of pain is inevitable in life, and if we are fully engaged in life and love we will encounter these givens, sometimes choose these challenges keep us stuck, however, there is a way through them and we can find peace and meaning in them, and often we become enriched and develop our strengths in ways we never thought possible.  Despite our gifts and strengths at times we just need a compassionate other that can bear witness to our pain, our questions, and shed some light on the way through to healing and transcending our wounds, and losses.

I also believe it is the human spirit that feels, that is intuitive has a sense of inner knowing, and a reservoir of wisdom if we will only listen. Through the therapeutic process, the creative process, engagement with nature, and through other modalities we can access and find what we need as we navigate life.

I approach the therapeutic relationship from a place of compassion, and faith in the resiliency of the human spirit. I also believe people are richly gifted, stronger than they know, and that even in the darkest most difficult places in life there is hope.

I believe that growth and healing takes place in the context of relationship.  I will meet you where you are, without judgment, with warmth, empathy, support, authenticity, respect, and a desire to understand your experience of life, what you need, what gives you meaning, and moves you forward in a positive direction.

I have had the honor to work for over twenty years providing clinical services to a diversely rich population of individuals, most of whom have been challenged with symptoms of both chronic and severe mental disorders, often complicated by substance use, medical issues, and other psycho-social stressors and experiences of social injustice.  My primary focus over the years has been in assessment, diagnosis, crisis stabilization, case management, advocacy, as well as providing individual and group work.

I received my master’s degree in mental health counseling from Seattle University in 1994. I have been licensed with the state of Washington since 1997. In 2006 I received my certificate in the assessment and treatment of psychological trauma from the University of Washington. I enjoy on-going professional education concerning best practices and I am excited about the extensive developments in our understanding of the connection mind-body connection, our understanding of the brain, the impacts of trauma, and research-based therapeutic approaches that enhance recovery from trauma and other mental disorders.

I am honored to be a part of your growth process.

Individual Therapy

I practice from a client-centered, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented framework and incorporate both theory and intervention skills from cognitive-behavioral, existential-humanistic perspectives and utilize best practices. Additionally, I draw from effective treatment practices such as mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and DBT.

I believe in approaching my clients from a holistic framework, addressing what is most important to them, enhancing their repertoire of coping skills and self-care strategies, and assisting them in nurturing their sense of self-worth and efficacy.