“I offer a warm, non-judgmental environment...”

Having hope is no small feat; it can feel fragile and elusive at times. If you are presently searching for support, there is likely a voice inside - however big or small - that believes change is possible. As a helping professional, it is my honor and privilege to support you through the process of uncovering your inner wisdom and intuition, healing past wounds, and growing into the best version of yourself. I offer a warm, non-judgmental environment in which we work together to capitalize on your strengths and cultivate new areas of growth.

My Approach

Asking for help can be excruciatingly difficult, especially as so many of us are taught that strength means working through pain alone, or pretending it’s not there, to begin with. I believe that wounds created in the relationship are healed through relationship – through engaging with a compassionate other. Hence, my therapeutic approach is centered around authenticity. It is my pleasure to provide a container for your full expression, a place where you can wholly be yourself. My approach also leans heavily on mindfulness and developing awareness of the present moment. This includes the information presented by our bodies (particularly key in the somatic-based trauma work I offer, which focuses on rewiring the nervous system for health). As a lover of nature as well as a trained Wilderness Therapist, I also embrace the integration of nature-based therapeutic interventions (i.e. outdoor session on-trail, gardening, etc.) when possible, appropriate, and desired by a client; the natural world presents numerous opportunities to unpack and creatively process material that arises in the course of therapy, in addition to offering inherent mental health benefits.

My therapeutic background includes a MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University.  In the course of my graduate work, I engaged in training in equine-assisted Gestalt therapy, and interned as a counselor in the public school system in inner-city Denver. I possess a certificate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and trained somatically-based trauma work as well as EMDR. I have worked in residential, partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) settings with eating disorder clients of various age ranges and presentations. I specialize in working with:

·         Trauma

·         Eating disorders

·         Body image issues

·         Anxiety and depression

·         Identity development

·         Women’s issues

Individual Therapy

I intend to support you in deepening into yourself, and in developing the skills and abilities to navigate obstacles that may prevent you from experiencing mental and emotional wellbeing. How we get there depends on you! All sessions are collaborative and tailored to suit your individual needs and pace. Some sessions may focus on skill-building and creative problem solving, others may integrate embodiment exercises, artwork, or mindfulness practice, and then some days you may just want to talk. It is my pleasure to explore this terrain with you, offering my genuine presence and skill on your journey.


We're Here For You