Brianna Clement M.S.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

"...empower you toward non-judgmental observation..."

Hi, I'm Brianna, and I'm glad you are here. Seeking out a new therapist is a daunting task. While it often boils down to the appropriate fit, I won’t pretend that I know what that 'fit' is for you. Ultimately, I believe there is something within you that knows what is best for you. My job involves helping us attune to this inner voice and hear what else it has to say. Choosing to turn towards painful emotions, past trauma, and split-off/exiled parts is a process that I deeply honor and respect. Self-compassion requires discipline and my support is offered as a means to empower you toward non-judgmental observation of your current experience. Whether you’re hoping to heal old wounds or you’re searching for aid in personal growth, my depth-oriented approach to care aims to assist you in developing a felt sense of who you are.

I have a challenging and compassionate therapeutic style that is authentic to how I show up in the world. My dual role as a Kripalu yoga teacher reminds me of the importance of making space for any emotions that are present and how to mindfully respond with equanimity. While I hold value in integrating somatic interventions into my talk therapy sessions, the nature of my work is adaptive to your needs and preferences. Together, we will ease into vulnerable territory by meeting your edge of sensation and incrementally backing away to reclaim your sense of stability. As your resiliency strengthens, so will your capacity to live more flexibly between states of willfulness and surrender.
I have a transdiagnostic approach to care that involves loosening past bonds in order to help you live more freely in the present. Whether symptoms emerge as anxiety, depression, insomnia, psychosomatic issues, etc., my course of treatment will seek to dig up root issues. Modalities I blend include contemporary psychoanalysis, Jungian depth psychology, and emotion-focused therapy. These lenses inform me of the belief that humans become symptomatic when we are blocked from becoming more whole. The basic goal of therapy is to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between our conscious and unconscious selves.
I provide individual counseling for adults. I am specifically interested in offering resilience-informed care for survivors of spiritual abuse, complex PTSD (such as childhood neglect/abuse), and intergenerational trauma. I am passionate about psychedelic integration through mind-body awareness and parts-work therapy. While I welcome working alongside adults of all ages, I believe my approach may be best suited for adults entering mid-life transitions and/or experiencing a disruption of personal identity. Grounding in principles of equity and inclusion, I want your unique story to be respected, wholeheartedly received, and celebrated.


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