AJ Vlossak M.S.W.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Associate (SC61431905)

"...recognizing the difference between uncomfortable and unhealthy"

You know what your experience is, and how you want it to change. My goal is to help you do it.

Change can sometimes feel uncomfortable, even when it’s wanted. I will help guide you in recognizing the difference between uncomfortable and unhealthy. While you’re putting your life back together, or trying to keep it from falling apart in the first place, a little compassionate support really does go a long way.
My background includes both long-term mental health support and crisis response, and my approach as a therapist melds the two so that you can create long-term change without burning yourself out in the process. No matter how you ended up where you are today, even if you think it’s all your fault (and don’t worry, we’ll talk about that), you deserve, and have the potential, to thrive.
My approach to treatment is grounded in the why and the how. The best way to unpack that varies from client to client, is based on need, neurodivergence, trauma, history, strengths, and the client’s pure preference. I regularly utilize motivational interviewing, CBT/ACT, DBT, and SFBT to approach the “how”, and tend to approach the “why” with a mix of trauma-informed care, strengths-based strategies, and biopsychosocial education (sometimes an ADHD brain needs a shot of espresso and a cozy sweatshirt, and that’s just fine).
In addition to the strategies for adults detailed above, my approach with teenagers focuses on empowerment, self-actualization, and coping strategies for both internal and external stressors. I focus heavily on harm reduction and strengths building.
NOTE: My preferred name is "AJ", but you will see me listed under my licensed name "Anne Vlossak" when scheduling - it's not a name I use, so please, call me AJ!


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