“...balance the big picture while also noticing the fine details...”

 As an avid photographer, I have learned to apply the skills I learn from taking photos to my professional life. When I am taking a photo, it helps to look at what I am trying to capture from several angles and to consider every perspective. Deciding what is the focus and what is a distraction from the image I want to capture reminds me to balance the big picture while also noticing the fine details. I must also step out of my comfort zone by taking my camera off automatic and put it into manual mode to really oversee the photos I capture.

I enjoy working with individuals as well as families, or children five years and up. I have a special interest in working with those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and ADHD.

I am currently licensed as a mental health counselor associate and a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor. My undergraduate education from Weber State University includes a double major in social work and child and family relationships.  Later I returned to school at the University of Idaho and received my master’s in education and worked as a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor until I sought to follow my childhood dream to be a mental health counselor.  My experience includes working in schools, providing in-home services, and working in government and non-profit settings. I have worked with children and youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities, ADHD, autism, and working with their families in providing positive parental supports. I am also experienced in providing vocational skills, working with youth in crisis and with behavioral challenges.

Individual Counseling

I appreciate identifying your needs and desires, including vocational, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, environmental, and social areas. I believe in the power of the therapeutic alliance and that the collaboration brings the synergy of change by providing you an environment where you feel safe, validated, and heard. It is then you can access your inner strength and inspiration to becoming the actualized person you intuitively know you can be. 



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