Adam Cone

Counselor Associate Intern

"Your symptoms may unbearable, but I predict that our work together will not be. I have been surprised at how much laughter I share with my clients!"


Hello, there! Perhaps you are having difficult feelings or thoughts that have become “too much.” Perhaps you are confused about what to do about them. If so, I might be able to help.
I am a counseling associate intern working toward my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My preferred approach combines active listening and mindfulness to facilitate truthful speech about what matters most to my clients.
If you work with me, we will explore whatever arises, whatever calls for attention around your symptoms. This may be a feeling that’s been with you for a long time, a recent interaction at work, an image that occurred to you while waiting at a red light, a memory from grade school, a physical sensation as you sit in the counseling room… anything at all, really. Together, during our dedicated time, in our dedicated space, we will explore your symptoms and how to address them. This exploration can be challenging, which is why the presence of an experienced listener can be helpful. With attention, patience, courage, humor, and playfulness, we will explore and address your symptoms. Whatever arises, whatever we find, we will do so together. Your symptoms may unbearable, but I predict that our work together will not be. I have been surprised at how much laughter I share with my clients!
My legal name is “Adam”, but I go by my childhood nickname: “Kai.”
What did one snowman say to the other?
Smells like carrots.
Lost, Season 2

Individual Counseling

I work with individual adults with a variety of issues including loneliness, depression, and anxiety.


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