Online Counseling

Did you know that King Health now provides online counseling throughout Washington State? In-person counseling will be available in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area when the COVID 19 crisis is over.

All King Health providers are able and available to provide online counseling or online therapy. Online counseling is a great way to get access to counseling services that might otherwise be unavailable in your area, or if you have limitations that prevent you from leaving your home easily. Many remote locations do not have access to mental health support and yet often need it the most. Having the option of staying home, perhaps because of sickness or injury, and yet still be able to access your mental health treatment is a wonderful advantage offered by technology. While there are definite advantages to seeing a client in-person, counseling is one form of treatment that lends itself well to the online format.


Connecting online is so simple!

With today's smartphone technology it is simple as clicking a link. You might get that link via email, from a webpage or in a text, and will open up your device's web-browser or redirect automatically to a telehealth app. Enter your name and wait for your provider to appear. It's that simple. Of course, you can also use a tablet, or your desktop computer, for a better view of your counselor. 


TeleHealth, TeleMedicine, or TeleTherapy, which is it?

There are many terms to describe online treatment -  TeleHealth is the term used by the medical industry and insurance companies, so we use it to describe online counseling as well as online psychiatric services.


Is it safe, is it private?

Yes. All TeleHealth online counseling sessions are fully encrypted at your device, then sent via the internet to your provider's device where the data (video and audio) is decrypted. 


Sign me up!

There's nothing different that needs to be done to get access to TeleHealth, other than you will need a credit or debit card on file to pay for your session, and of course you need a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can access the internet. If you can browse the web, search on Google, for example, then you have internet access and can use TeleHealth.



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