Nutritional Care

Looking for a practitioner in Bellingham who practices nutritional care? At King Health Associates we offer providers who understand the importance of nutrition in the maintenance and treatment of a healthy system. Nutritional care is an approach to health treatment that recognizes the value and importance of nutrition in maintaining health and the problems that can arise when the body does not get the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

The Whole System

Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep are essential for managing stress & emotions and are often overlooked. It is easy to slip into a pattern of poor dietary choices that lead to a gradual decline in overall health that can be hard to pinpoint. Our diet is a key component in our health, affecting everything from sleep to energy levels. We look at genetics, current and past diet patterns, allergies and food sensitivities, hormone balance, sleep, and activity levels to determine if you are providing your body with the key nutrients your cells require to fight illness, stress, and keep your moods balanced. Medications can't replace nutrients lost from poor eating habits and many medications can cause nutrient losses from the body and may cause new symptoms or complications without dietary or lifestyle changes or high-quality supplements to prevent them.

We invite you to discover this approach to wellbeing and reveal if your diet has been helping or hindering your health.


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