New Clinic Opening in Bellingham

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Contact: Karen King
King Health Associates
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Monday, October 1st, 2018


New mental health clinic opens for business in Bellingham, WA

Opening October 1st, 2018, the Barkley branch of King Health Associates, a mental health and wellness clinic based in Bellingham, provides mental health psychiatry, acupuncture and counseling, as well as groups and classes on a wide range of issues such as DBT, shame and will soon include men's issues.

King Health Associates, under the leadership of Karen King LMHC, relocated to Bellingham in 2010 from Boulder, CO and has been thriving ever since. Starting with a single office and a single counselor, King Health has expanded to two clinics, one in the Bellwether and one in Barkley area, and now offers an array of traditional as well as complimentary health services. In addition to around a dozen counselors on staff, they now also provide psychiatry services such as medication management and psychiatric evaluations, with two prescribers on staff, Dr Dev Brierley DNP, Psych ARNP and Kimmer Collison-Ris ARNP, an integrated and functional medicine specialist. King Health provides integrated healthcare and brings together cognitive therapy, traditional medical modalities, and holistic complimentary treatments, and is the only integrated clinic practicing natural psychiatry in Bellingham.

King Health can be contacted at 360-329-2055, or emailed at, and more information about the clinic is available online at


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