Women's support group  to support and empower YOU, the #metoo survivor of harassment and/or assault.

Come join us Fall 2018 to share our stories, empower ourselves and change our culture through the support of other women survivors of harassment and/or assault.

This therapeutic support group offers a safe and healing environment for you to be heard by people who understand your experience. It will open up conversation to greater healing, not just for yourself, but for your fellow woman, through understanding the issues in the context of culture and the world at large. It will empower you to engage self-compassion as well as build compassion for others and at the same time seek out new ways of handling this on-going issue skillfully.

What To Do Next

Call or email to express your intention to make change in your life by taking this workshop. We will connect you with the group leader for a brief phone call to make sure it is a good fit.

  call 360-329-2055