Join us on the waterfront, overlooking the marina and islands, to work on overcoming limitations and issues while building on and adding to your positive strengths. Take a stroll along the waterfront pathway and let the majestic view of the sun over the islands fill you with fresh inspiration and energy.


Getting To Your Appointment

Our offices are easily accessible from downtown Bellingham by car, bike or walking. Parking is free and plentiful in and around the building. If traveling from out of town using I-5 then taking Lakeway exit and traveling north along Holly street will be your easiest route towards downtown. 

Upon arriving in the Bellwether area you will see Anthony's restaurant on your right, followed by the Wells Fargo building, followed by ,first large building, Bellwether Gate, where we are located. You will find our front entrance on the other side of the building, facing the water.



You cannot access our offices by entering through the front doors of 21 Bellwether Way. You must walk around to the other side of the building.


Our Clinic Address

Bellwether Gate Suites
21 Bellwether Way
Suite 107
Bellingham, WA 98225

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All of our offices are located on the ground floor  and our entrance is around the back, facing the boats.


Waiting Area

The waiting area is directly inside the main entrance. Please take a seat in the waiting area and your clinician will come get you at your appointment time. Please do not stand in the hallways as we wish to protect the confidentiality of our clients. Hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate is available in the waiting area for your enjoyment. You may also choose take advantage of the many wonderful local resturants or take a stroll around the marina until it is your appointment time.
Please wait for your therapist in the waiting area and do not knock, or try to enter any suite if the door is closed, even if you have an appointment at that time.





There is ample free parking available in the area, both in the building private lot and also on the street. You may also use the underground parking if you prefer.