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March 10th, 2020


King Health Associates Offers TeleHealth to Whatcom County

King Health Associates expands its TeleHealth services in response to CoronaVirus

In response to the recent CoronaVirus outbreak and Health Department guidelines, King Health has expanded its TeleHealth services to include all it's providers, including psychiatry. Clients who chose to stay home and have access to a internet connected device with video capability, such as a laptop, tablet or phone, can continue to meet with their counselor or ARNP from the safety of their homes, even if they contract the virus. For those with anxiety or fears of isolation caused by this outbreak TeleHealth offers a way to get the help they need without any risk.

Clients who wish to continue to come to King Health's clinics to see their providers in person will be screened for fever, cough or sneezing, to ensure everyone's continued safety. "Under normal circumstances we take hygiene and cleanliness seriously as you might imagine, but with recent developments and with guidance from the Health Department, we are responding rapidly to ensure the safety of both clients and our providers by providing additional online options. Giving our clients continued access to their mental health care and prescriptions, especially during this stressful time, is our priority" said Karen King, CEO of King Health. 

King Health Associates can be contacted at 360-329-2055, or by email at More information about the center and practitioners available can be found online at



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