"...to help you understand and make peace with how you got to where you are..." 

I offer a supportive, caring and person-centered approach in my work with clients. I strive to create a culturally competent and judgment-free therapeutic atmosphere where we work collaboratively to build on strategies that are in line with your life experiences and that fit who you are. Therapy is a place to explore how you think, feel, and live in the present, all of which is often heavily influenced by experiences from your past. The beliefs and feelings we hold about ourselves are the key to how we live our lives. When these beliefs are no longer in-line with who we have become or who we want to be, they lead to discontent and a feeling of being stuck. This discord may come from past and present-day experiences, dysfunctional habitual patterns, or a distressing event (or events). My intention is to help you understand and make peace with how you got to where you are, and explore the options and choices you have going forward. I value therapy as a way to assist you with developing a deeper sense of self, finding your voice, and exploring what inspires you to live your most fulfilling life.

It is my privilege to work with all ages of clientele from children to adults and every stage and age in-between. In addition to a life-long and deep commitment to my own personal process, I have been trained in and I also draw from the following practices: Mindfulness, Psychodynamic/Depth Psychology, Interpersonal Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Multicultural Counseling and Anti-Oppressive Models, Somatic Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, Psychodrama and Expressive Art Therapy.

Individual Therapy

It is my belief that the relationship between therapist and client is the basis for the healing that takes place in psychotherapy. We acquire our wounding in a relational context and the best way to heal, change and move beyond this is to be in relationship. When our current struggles become fueled by past conditioning, limiting beliefs, and reactive feelings, our innate wisdom becomes obscured and we lose sight of who we really are. Through in-depth contact with our thoughts & emotions we create an opportunity for new patterns to emerge and for change to occur. Together, with a devotion to kindness and compassion, we can navigate whatever you bring to each session and work to reconcile wounds and trauma together to help you find lasting wholeness in your life.

Child and Family Therapy

As a parent, it can be a tough decision to arrive at the conclusion that your child may need therapy. It is common and understandable to feel this way. At your first appointment, we will sit down together and discuss your questions, observations, and concerns. We'll work together as a team to explore what’s already working and what’s not, and set intentions and goals for moving forward. I strive to meet each client where they are and to create a relationship of trust, caring and support. I offer a variety of methods when working with parents, families and children including: talk therapy, art therapy, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, play therapy, psychoeducation, and relationship building, self-esteem building and skill building activities.

An important note about seeing King Health Associates Apprentices for counseling:

Our Associates Danny Moloney, Alisa Westover and Kerry Madrone are currently unable to accept clients who are presently suicidal, experience hallucinations or psychosis or have been hospitalized for mental health reasons in the past year. Our Apprentices practice at King Health only part time, and it would be unethical for them to see clients with more intensive needs that they can provide for safely and conscientiously. Thank you for your understanding. 

As of November 2018, both UnityCare 360-676-6177and Seamar 360-734-5458 are accepting new client intakes within a week, and new ongoing appointments within 2-3 weeks. We suggest that if you meet the criteria above you call either of those mental health centers to better serve your needs.