"Counseling is a place to envision and create the story of your life that you really want"

I provide practical, inuitive, and relational therapy to adult individuals and couples. My belief is that you are more of an expert of your life than I will ever be. Therefore, my goal is to help you get in touch with the strength you already have--as an individual or couple. I work together with my clients to identify patterns of negative beliefs about themselves, relationships, and the world; then to recognize how those beliefs have developed into patterns of behavior that were at one time helpful, but now cause harm or a "stuck" feeling. Once we see these patterns clearly, we can begin to transform them, which will produce greater self-confidence and overall satisfaction with life. I was trained in Relational Psychotherapy, so I will often look at the ways clients relate--to themselves, other people or experiences, and to me. This gives me most of the information I need to help you gain insight and begin experiencing immediate positive changes in your life. I look forward to being with you in your journey of self-discovery and healing!

Individual Therapy

I believe that we all have many stories to tell. The process of telling our stories and inviting others to know us is in and of itself, healing. Counseling is a place to tell your stories, heal from or rewrite the ones that are getting in your way, and envision and create the story of your life that you really want.

I applaud you for having the strength and courage to seek out help. I have no doubt that the things you are facing in your life are difficult, painful, and maybe even unbearable. We live in a society that views asking for help as weakness, but I'll let you in on a little secret: asking for help is a sign of health and strength. It is a very lonely person who shows their need to no one. The good news is that you don't have to do this alone anymore. 

My Approach

Every therapist has a style of practicing that reflects their own unique personality and the training they receive. I was trained in Relational Psychotherapy, and I am deeply passionate about understanding the dynamics of the way in which individuals relate with themselves, the people in their lives, and the environment around them. In my work with clients, I draw from multiple current models, theories, and techniques (some old and some new) to bring you solution focused results. As we move forward, you will begin to understand the ways in which you struggle to trust, why you cope with addictions, or find yourself blocked in life (among many other things!). Anyone can benefit from gaining insight into the way they communicate, how they've developed, and the patterns that show up in their lives. With that said, some people have more urgent and critical issues that need to be addressed. Our first session will be spent determining how my services will be helpful to you and together we will come up with a plan to address the issues you would like to work on.

Counseling Process

I tailor my approach to meet the individual needs of each of my clients, but the majority of our sessions will feel a lot like a conversation. The goal is for you to bring everything and anything that feels important to you into therapy. My interaction with you will involve a lot of listening, asking questions, reflecting back what you've said to me, providing feedback, exploring your feelings, and making interpretations--all with the goal that you would begin to do this work for yourself. Occasionally I will use a specific tool or technique (deep breathing, DBT, visualization exercises, etc.) to assist us in our work, but I will rely primarily on what happens in the dialogue between us. I will forewarn you that counseling can bring up a lot of deeply buried feelings that can come as a surprise to you. Sometimes these feelings are scary, feel overwhelming and confusing, and may prompt you to wonder why you are doing counseling at all. You want to feel better, not worse, right? All of this is a normal part of the process, and is necessary to go through if you wish to experience lasting relief.

Couples Therapy

I believe my job as your couples therapist is to find the hope that you and your partner are struggling to see. Together we will nurture and grow that hope, with the goal of repairing the connection and restoring the love between the two of you. We will work on communication skills, identify barriers to intimacy, and address the areas in which your attachment styles aren’t working in your relationship. My approach to couples therapy is founded in my Therapeutic Orientation, which is a relational one. I believe what was “broken” in relationship can be healed and transformed in relationship. I draw from the works of David Schnarch (creator of Crucible Therapy) and Gay Hendricks (author of Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment), and highly recommend you obtain and review this literature in combination with our work together. It is possible that our work together will dredge up personal issues that may need the attention of an individual therapist. When working with couples, I do not see couples for individual sessions, as my alliance is to your partnership. I am happy to make referrals if this is something you feel is necessary.

I can help with the following issues that couples often face:

  • Communication Issues
  • Trauma/PTSD (and how it affects the relationship)
  • Lack of intimacy/sexual desire
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual Addiction and Disorder (and how it affects the relationship)
  • Military deployment
  • Unemployment
  • Disability