Integrative Functional Medicine

Looking for an Integrative Functional Medicine practitioner in Bellingham? At King Health Associates we offer Integrative Functional Medicine in our Barkley location. Integrative Functional Medicine is an approach to treatment that encompasses the whole system, mind, and body, looking for systemic root causes rather than simply treating the surface symptoms of any issue.

The Whole System

Using modern healthcare practices, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as traditional complementary modalities such as meditation, acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga, and massage, combined with a focus on your lifestyle, habits, and history we locate the root cause and treat your whole system. In the last century, mental health has been practiced as a separate area of health, but now modern medicine is recognizing the value of a holistic view of health and how mental health forms an integral balanced part of your physical health, with each relying on the other to function.

We invite you to bring Integrative Functional Medicine into your world of health and discover the progress that can be made through this approach to wellbeing.


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