King Health Associates - A Hybrid Practice For Clinicians

When we first started King Health Associates we had already been through self-employment and private practice for many years and we thought that joining us would be a no-brainer for any clinician. After all, we provide all the services needed, at a lower cost, and with more benefits. Why would you want to do anything else? Over the years we realized that most clinicians, especially the new ones with just a few years of practice under their belt, or fresh from college or community health, just didn't have the experience of self-employment to be able to understand the value of what we offer. To them it seemed like a question of being self-employed and getting a 100% of the profits, or pay us a percentage of their profit to do stuff that seemed easy. Why pay a middle man, right? Well, if you have been in self-employment for any length of time you will know that any successful business relies on many other support businesses and that that 100% goes down pretty fast, right along with your energy levels as you try to cut corners to save whats left it. There is a price to pay for full autonomy and it comes out of your life energy. So, let us explain the 'no-brainer' in a little more depth.

If you are contemplating the choice between trying to start up and run your own practice... or applying for a position at King Health Associates, then this is the page for you.

We want employees who know our value and who are ready to help their clients and themselves to a happy life. So let's talk about the dream of your practice and the actual reality of what is more likely. Dreams propel us forward and give us hope when slogging through the trenches, whether they are in education or community health, with the goal that one day life will be a lot easier, stable and financially viable. The trouble with dreams is that they are usually not based in any reality with practical steps, whereas bills, long hours leading to exhaustion and unexpected costs are very much based in reality, often with no easily understood practical steps. Those are the realities of self-employment and for most startups they are the hard lessons learned along the way, and the primary reason most startups fail in the first year. The very few people who actually are successful after many years trying to learn the ropes are usually people who already had the broad range of skills needed from work other careers, or had access to the right people at the right time with the money to keep going while they learned. That's the reality, and if you are the kind of peson who has the broad range of skills then we empower you to use them. But before you do, consider the wisdom of working smarter, not harder. Do you want to work and own your own business, or do you want to enjoy your life and be happy? If the latter then let's talk about the other alternatives to self-employment. Let's talk about hybrids.

King Health Associates is a hybrid practice in the sense that it fully employs all of its clinicians, but it compensates by percentage of gross income, as you would experience in self-employment. In other words, you get the best of both worlds. You get to choose how many clients, when and for how long you work, and you get to take advantage of an established full clinical support system at a lower cost than you could as a self-employed worker. Don't confuse this for what passes for clinical groups you might see around town. There are many 'groups' of clinicians practicing, connected under an umbrella organization that might provide referrals or perhaps billing, but you should know that not only are these groups actually illegal in Washington state due to state healthcare laws, they charge you for very few benefits and ultimately you are left struggling on your own, responsible for all the costs and headaches of self-employment. So let's look at the King Health Associates advantage.

Why Work For King Health Associates?

As we've mentioned, clinicians new to private practice often wonder why they would join an established practice rather than go it alone. The illusion of 'all the profit' is a strong one and part of the dream that launched it all.

Unfortunately the reality of self-employment is usually quite different from the dream, which is why most of the clinicians working at King Health are former go-it-aloners who have learned the hard way and truly understand the value of the systems, structure and services we offer. Simply put, it is not easy running your own business. From the sixty to more typical eighty hour workweeks, to the high degree of multi-tasking required to wear multiple disciplinary hats, to the unavoidable unseen costs, it is a tough life that can quickly drain away all the energy you had for clients leaving you burnt out and done. 

We are not saying that It can't be done of course, for a multi-skilled person with abundant energy and a financial backer, and if you are that person then we wish you every piece of luck, because you will certainly need it. Long hours alone with no peer community, on the edge of burn out, paying way too much for mediocre websites and billing services, trying to make sense of continually changing new technologies like Google Adwords, keeping on top of CEUs, HIPAA compliance, marketing, no-shows and non-payers, trying to pay back all that debt from all that beautiful furniture you bought, fighting with insurance companies to get paneled and then fighting to get claims accepted, over-priced office rent that increases each year, with any spare time spent trying to respond to clients because you are reception too. If this sounds too harsh, too unrealistic then we encourage you to go ask around. Ask old-timers in the community and get a realistic view of business that you just won't get from your college professors, or from your community service co-workers, because they just don't know. And when you return and know with certanty that you want the money without all the exhaustion, loneliness and stress, and understand the reality of self-employment is either burn out, or a small part-time practice that doesn't fulfill the dream you once had, we offer you a way to have both a successful practice and a happy worklife.

How Does King Health Associates Really Make Your Dream Practice A Reality?

King Health Associates panels you on insurances and provides you a choice of clients, choice of schedule, your office space in a beautiful location, professional marketing, HIPAA-compliant notes, accurate billing, tech support, reception, business licensing, malpractice insurance, clinical supervision, an amazing community of peers, and pays your employment taxes. In fact, we provide everything you would have needed to buy, rent or continually pay for to run your own business, without having to learn five different careers to make it work, and it will cost you less. 

We are sure you still have questions and we want to answer them for you. The clearer you become, the easier it is to move forward, the stronger your commitment is, and clear, committed, strong clinicians are who we want to hire. So, we invite you to reach out and apply with us, or email any questions you might have. Let's move forward to a better practice today.