The GroundWorks course comprises six-hour-long workshops (which you can do as a six-week course, or individually) providing real-life tools, techniques, resources, and reminders that can be used in your everyday life to promote healthier lifestyles. Each workshop introduces a different evidence-based alternative therapy, which you will learn how to use on your own, wherever and whenever needed. Each workshop contains a collection of techniques, information, and resources, many used by the King Health Associates clinical team in their daily work, as well as additional supporting information and skills from our mental health library. This course will give you six different methods to reduce stress and anxiety, improve energy levels, and find emotional relief.

Best of all, this course can be used even before engaging in therapy and provides a foundation of self-care skills that will support any counseling treatment, so if you are in the intake process and eager to get started on your healing journey, we encourage you to take full advantage of this course.





Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation is a critical skill and practice for those experiencing high stress and/or anxiety and those who want to manage their emotions and thoughts. This class will explain the benefits of consistent mindfulness and meditation practice and provide techniques to find time in our busy and tiring lives to be present. The class will give you the foundations to practice three different meditation styles on your own.




Brain Food

Brain food is a class focused on the impact that food has on our mental health. It will address what food affects your mood, energy, and thoughts. This class will provide tools for mindful eating, a list of what to avoid and what to add to your diet, and low-cost recipes that improve your overall mental health. Our goal is to teach the relationship between nutrition and mental health and provide tangible ways to improve your diet. A reminder magnet, brain food recipes, and resource list will be provided.




Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an alternative form of therapy that begins the healing of the whole body. It confronts the emotions and tension stored in our muscles, tendons, and joints. This class will introduce the foundations of yoga therapy and provide a set of poses that you can practice in your living room or a yoga studio in town. You will leave the class with an understanding of yoga’s role in holistic healing and the ability to practice on your own. A yoga mat and resource list are provided for each participant. Whether you have been practicing yoga for years or never before, this class will benefit you.




Creative Expression  

The creative expression class will give you several ways to connect your artistic nature with your emotional state. This class will provide techniques to manifest your emotions, gain relief, and clarity through the art of collage. The class hopes to allow you to illustrate a piece of yourself. We will discuss the benefits of creative expression on mental health and give you the modalities of an artistic outlet. All materials and supplies will be provided. This class does not require any art experience or skill, simply an openness to create.




Writing Therapy

This writing class will address the value of writing on trauma processing, reflection, motivation, relationships and so much more. The class will teach four therapeutic journaling methods and their benefits. You will leave this class with options of writing techniques that address your specific situation. Journal prompts and resource lists will be provided. Minimal writing experience is necessary.




Wilderness Therapy

This class is aimed to introduce the outdoors into your healing journey. Our goal is to bring awareness and access to the quiet, green spaces all around you. We will discuss the benefits of nature and exercise on anxiety, depression, empowerment, motivation, energy, concentration, and overall mood. You will learn ways to connect with the environment and make transference into your daily life. The majority of this class will be spent on the beach. You will be provided with a list of places to go close-by and resources to learn more.



What To Do Next

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