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Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are constantly monitoring the quality of our company's services and our employee's behavior. We can't fix what we don't know, so we really do appreciate you taking the time to let us know where we can improve. We do understand that it is impossible to please everyone, all of the time, but we value each and every one of our clients and will do our best to try to achieve the impossible. We have generally found that in almost every case of a complaint there is a misunderstanding behind it. Once a dialogue is established and understanding came to, usually there is satisfaction. So we really do appreciate you engaging us in dialogue because it means we will get to the bottom of whatever it is!

NOTE: This form is for client feedback and/or complaints only. It is NOT for unsolicited sales.

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I paid for an hour session, but only got 53 minutes!


The standard clinical 'hour' is 53 minutes. The 53 minutes of the clinical hour are used to engage in clinical work directly with you. The remaining 7 minutes are for the provider, alone, to complete your session notes, schedule or check on your next appointment, and so on. This is not simply admin work but is part of your clinical care and is a state license requirement for your competent care. The provider is engaged in work during that time that is specifically for you and only you.


I moved out of state, can I still see my provider via telehealth?


Each provider is licensed to legally practice in specific locations. Each US state or country outside of the US has specific local laws regarding who and what they allow to be practiced there. In order to treat you, a provider must practice within the laws governing where you, the client, are currently located, even if you are only there on vacation, or for a short period only. King Health has no control over the laws in other states or countries, but our providers will do everything possible to provide you support for as long as they can while also staying within the laws of your location. 

We recommend that you make arrangements to find local help and support whenever you plan your trip. Be aware that you may, or may not get to have a transition period and that it is best to prepare in advance for possible abrupt cessation of services once you move.

We are aware that by using VPN technology one can appear to be located somewhere else from your current location. Our providers wish to stay within the law and may ask you to verify your location. If you lie about your location then you will have your services terminated, will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred by King Health as a result of your actions, and may be held answerable to local fraud laws.


I was late for my appointment, and now I'm being charged a fee for a session I didn't even get to have


If you arrive more than 10 minutes after your appointment start then your insurance will not pay for your session. Due to our (standard) contractual agreements with health insurance companies, we cannot take cash payments for sessions if you are already covered by the insurance we are contracted for. We are therefore unable to go ahead with the appointment using insurance or cash. No-show and late-cancel fees are lower than full session fees and are there to pay the provider, as well as the additional admin support that is required. King Health does not make any profit from these fees. 


I am being charged for a no-show or late cancel


We have a no-show and late-cancel policy of charging just as your primary care doctor, your massage therapist, your dentist, your hairstylist charge a fee when you do not show. Appointment reminders are a courtesy we offer our clients but can go into spam folders, be accidentally deleted, and so on, and are not an excuse for missing an appointment. You are responsible for putting the appointment into your calendar or whatever method you use to track your time commitments. We have no-show and late-cancel fees because if you do not turn up, or you cancel late, we are unable to put someone else into your unused time slot and your provider will not get paid for the time that both you and they have agreed is to be devoted exclusively to you. No-show and late-cancel fees are lower than full session fees and are there to pay the provider, as well as the additional admin that is required. King Health does not make any profit from these fees.


I was late for my appointment, but it's because I have this issue and so my fee should be waived


Occasionally clients will state that they have an issue that prevents them from being on time, such as depression or anxiety and that they shouldn't be required to pay a standard no-show fee. While we completely understand these conditions can be very challenging at times, we are not able to provide free mental health services. If your mental health issues are such that they actually prevent you from attending sessions then it makes financial sense for you to move your care to a community mental health center where they can accommodate no-shows. 

No-show and late-cancel fees are lower than full session fees and are there to pay the provider, as well as the additional admin that is required. King Health does not make any profit from these fees. They are in place to protect our providers.




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