Looking for a certified EFT practitioner in Bellingham? At King Health Associates we offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in our Bellwether location. EFT is especially useful when working with emotional trauma, and is an efective tool to reduce emotional intensity around issues such as relationship issues, sadness, fear, depression, guilt, shame, PTSD, anger, grief, or even as a positive emotional re-enforcement.

Emotional Triggers

EFT works using bi-lateral stimulation, often referred to as 'tapping', based on the same principlesas EMDR, and can be very effective within a short period of time. It can be used to break up entrenched negative belief patterns and allow new positive perspective and insight to arise quickly. Because it is an effective tool in reducing emotional reaction, it can be very useful in cases where a client is too emotionally activated, or triggered, to relax enough for effective therapy or to go into hypnotic trance. This is a tool you can take with you and use on the spot in difficult situations.

Reduces Emotional Intensity 

If you have found that there are certain issues you are unable to approach in therapy because doing so can result in you feeling overwhelmed or upset for long periods of time after your session, then we invite you to make an appointment to learn how to use EFT. In just a few sessions you will notice a distinct difference in your calm and presence when you return to those issues in appointments with your therapist. 

We invite you to experience this powerful technique and discover the success possible when you add EFT in your behavioral health toolbox.

Tipping And Gifts

Our clinical policies and licensing ethical standards require that we do not accept tips or gifts in return for any of our services. Please do not offer or leave gratuities. If you wish to, you can donate to a charity of your choice in our name. Thank you for your understanding.

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