King Health Associates Apprenticeship Program

Molina Behavioral Health Counseling

Do you have Molina insurance but cannot find a therapist in town who takes it? Good news!! Our Apprenticeship Program is here for you. We want to help our community thrive, and help you to get access to the emotional healing you deserve.  Karen King, LMHC, clinical director of King Health Associates, will be supervising LMHCA clinicians who are able to take your insurance. You will receive excellent care, and from a clinician who will be with you all along the path of your journey.

Scheduling Is Simple!

Simply click the button below, or 'Schedule\Schedule Counseling - Molina' from the menu above. You may also click on a clinician below to view their profile and from there can click scheduling buttons.

First Appointment Paperwork

When your appointment is confirmed by our offices, please sign your paperwork that was emailed to you prior to your appointment so you will not have to use precious session time filling it out. Also, your clinician will be grateful to hear what your goals and challenges are before your first session.

No Show or Late Cancellations

Please reschedule your appointment more than 24 hours in advance using our secure client portal. Please do not call or email our office to reschedule, as we ask our clients to manage their schedule through our online portal. If you must contact our office regarding your appointment, please email our Molina client admin at

Molina No Show / Late Cancel Policy

You may cancel your appointment on our portal over 24 hours in advance. If it is less than 24 hours, you will not be able to make any changes online and you should call or email to let us know as soon as possible. Since we are not be able to fill short notice cancellations or no-shows, if you no-show or late cancel your appointment 2 times, you will be considered as non-compliant and discharged from our clinic and unable to schedule another appointment. The exception to this policy is if there is an emergency or illness. Note that a work schedule, or childcare change, does not constitute an emergency.

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