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The Covid19 pandemic is likely one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime, resulting in a myriad of personal challenges, not least of which the variety of emotions is has caused for all of us. For some of us, it might be easy to dismiss feelings about what is happening, or even overlook the impacts happening to you as an individual since you are so busy "just surviving". Each person deals with trauma in their way, some experiencing it immediately, some later, some bottling it up, but the truth to trauma is that you will need to deal with it, or will impact your life in ways you cannot predict. The sooner you address the results of this kind of prolonged stress, then the less likely it that you will inadvertently pass it on to others. You will want to address its impact so that you do not take it out on your immediate family, friends, or yourself through sabotaging behaviors.


Take Care Of Yourself And Others

There was a recent study (Altschul, D., Ritchie, C., Kwong, A., Hartley, L., Nangle, C., Edwards, R. et al. (2020)) that shows that wearing a mask not only helps prevent infection transmission to and from others but also improves your mental health. While there were no negative impacts of wearing a mask there were positive aspects where researchers found that feelings of anxiety were lowered by 58%, the likelihood of depressive symptoms was lowered by 25%, and feelings of loneliness were 67% lower amongst mask wearers.


We Are All In This Together

You might be feeling more stressed than usual right now, and wanting to remember that we are all in this together. Maybe it can be reassuring to think that there isn't a human on the planet who isn't affected by the current situation and that you are not alone. You may have seen internet memes about how we are all staying away from each other as an act of love. It can help to reframe this period, where we might tend to feel alone or even disconnected.

The stress of the pandemic reality has and is still hitting all of us, and those who are lucky enough to still have a job that can be done from home are dealing with a new work environment, new relationship challenges, and managing our home lives and work lives in close quarters. Today's realities make mental health care essential to surviving this pandemic emotionally intact and resilient. That's why we're here. 


We're here for you.

We have an array of resources and support here for you, and we hope you will use them for your self-care and to achieve a sense of calm during this time. We are beginning to offer short videos, posts, and snippets of tips we learned from doing therapy as a way to help you through this. Check out these help pages;

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Job Loss And Unemployment

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Take Advantage Of Online Psychiatry And Counseling

With social distancing the norm these days it is no longer an option to meet with your provider face-to-face, but luckily technology allows us to have the next best thing. You can continue to meet with your provider online as many clients ere already doing even before this pandemic. It has quickly become the new normal. Click below to learn more about online counseling;

Online Counseling

Staying connected and supported

TeleHealth Psychiatry & Counseling

Find out more about how TeleHealth works.


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