Mental Health Community

King Health values the communities in which we serve, and the mental health field as a whole. We strive to improve not only our services to the public, but the community as a whole. It is in everyone's best interests to create a healthy and supportive professional community of providers. Informed providers means healthy practices and healthy clients. One of the negative aspects of the mental health field is the isolation that occurs when the vast majority of providers are single-person practices and are often too busy to connect with their peers. Peer contact is how resources are shared, knowledge is passed on, and support is obtained.

As part of our intention to support our mental health community of providers we have created a safe, secure (encrypted) chat forum, where resources can be posted, messages passed, support received from fellow practitioners. Only licensed Washington State healthcare workers are eligible to join and membership is by invite only. If you are a WA State provider of mental health services and wish to join your colleagues in a supportive environment then visit our forum website at or click here.



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