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Clinical Positions

(Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : 20-24+ client sessions per week
HOURS : 4-5 shifts per week/ 8am-2:30pm or 2:30pm-8pm
LOCATION: Barkley and Bellwether
COMPENSATION : $35-40 per session
LICENSE REQUIRED : Licensed Mental Health Counselor / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Licensed Social Worker
MINIMUM EDUCATION : Masters in Counseling
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : Counseling / Psychotherapy: 2+ years
START DATE: Oct/Nov 2019

Being in private practice can be hard. We know, because we have done it! Setting up a business, working long, lonely hours, answering all of your own scheduling and reception calls as well as signing up for insurance panels, figuring out and then doing all of your own billing can be incredibly overwhelming. Add the isolation of working in a single office with few colleagues and you have a recipe for therapist burnout. King Health Associates has the solution. We enable you to see clients in beautifully decorated offices surrounded by like-minded colleagues, receive yearly CEU's, health benefits, paid vacation and most importantly, a supportive, collaborative environment.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of getting on insurance networks, daunted by the prospect of marketing, websites, advertising, billing, taking insurance and being financially responsible for all aspects of the practice, then King Health could be a great fit for you. Do the words business plan, website design, marketing plan and start-up costs cause you to tremble? Many therapists do not realize that as a counselor in private practice an average of 50% of session income goes to your expenses- before you even pay your self-employment taxes! That means you make less per hour in private practice than you would as a King Health team member AND you get paid time off and health insurance.

King Health Associates helps therapists focus on the fun part of therapy by taking care of all aspects of the business side of a clinical practice. We provide a full client load, constant, effective marketing, billing services, office support, beautifully furnished offices and a fun and reliable team of counselors and both traditional and natural Psychiatric ARNPs to work side by side with.

This opportunity is ideal for the highly skilled therapist who would like to have a full caseload, and spend time only on the clinical side of their work with clients, with none of the business hassles.

The ideal candidate must be adept at performing ongoing aspects of electronic scheduling their clients, taking electronic notes, creating documents and templates in the EMR, sending and receiving emails, faxes, secure texts, attending to client clinical case details and the usual tracking of account and client status information. They must have an understanding of professionalism and precision in client communication, as well as maintain excellent clinical boundaries.

The ideal candidate will be able to see at least 24-32 clients a week.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS include a Master's degree and full professional license in Washington State including Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. (Currently, we are not considering applicants who are an Associate level of license. Please note that we will not be able to respond to your submission if you apply for the position without a full license. A license is needed to be on insurance panels. We would love to hear from you when you have your license.)

Responsibilities and Duties

Must be adept at performing ongoing aspects of electronic scheduling their clients, taking electronic notes, creating documents and templates in the EMR, sending and receiving emails, faxes, texts, attending to client clinical details and the usual tracking of account and client status information. (Head's up-if you are a paper only person, this practice is not for you!)


Health benefits and more will be offered after 3 months of employment. An 18 month contract is required. Our Staff enjoy monthly team consultations and yearly provided professional trainings, beautiful and fully furnished office spaces, full-as-they-desire caseloads with a regular stream of referrals, work schedules that consider their needs, family responsibilities and life interests, all insurance contracting taken care of, freedom to choose desired amount of time-off, client and insurance billing established and tracked for you, payment between $40-80 per session and most of all a cohesive and supportive team. We also have beautiful trails nearby both King Health locations that you can meander on in-between sessions (or even in session). You don't have to give up self-care to have a full caseload of clients! Just let us do the business side of the work for you.

Qualifications and Skills

We are open to what specializations you have to offer, although we would love a couples specialist as well as a child and family therapist! We ask that health-mindedness be part of your repertoire, and that you are aware of mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology.






LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part or Full time
COMPENSATION : % per session

Job Summary


Does the hustle and bustle of the big city make you long for a quieter and calmer life? King Health Associates is a unique Mental Health Wellness Center located in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Our current office is in the Bellwether area, and right on the water. Did you know the cost of living in Bellingham is estimated to be 33% less than Seattle?


Bellingham is a wonderful and relaxed place to live and work north of Seattle, with easy access to water, escapes to the San Juan Islands and mountain adventures. We are the "City of Subdued Excitement" with local cultural and University venues that support Theater, Music and the Arts in general. Bellingham has plenty of yoga and pilates studios, so self care and exercise are easily accessible and usually within a 5 minute bike ride. Life here is much slower and more contemplative, but still vibrant and interesting. This position is an antidote to high acuity community mental health work, and will allow you to practice your passion and still have a life filled with self care and vision.

We are looking for three Pyschiatric ARNPs to join our practice full time, and whom we can offer a flexible schedule. Would you like to work a 3 day work week or even a 4 day? That is just fine with us.

The perfect candidates will provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, prescription consultation and medication management, but also have an interest in alternative and complementary approaches to offer their clients such as yoga, nutrition and exercise. 

We work with clients whose diagnoses include PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, OCD as well as clients who experience simple life stressors and come to us for stress management skills. We offer DBT groups, Braving Shame groups based on the work of Brene Brown, a Stepmother Support group, a group for Anxious Attached women, and a Meditation Class.

King Health Associates has a constant stream of patients and you will receive the benefits of ten or more referral sources in house, as well as referrals from our established and trusted medical providers in the community. We offer on site receptionists and full administrative support in addition to an in house biller. Our offices are beautifully decorated and relaxing, and our location is right on the trails at both locations. Our counselors work collaboratively with our psychiatric specialist, and we all enjoy a very amicable and friendly environment.

Health benefits and more will be offered after 3 months of employment. An 18 month contract is required.

Please do not apply for this position unless you currently possess or are currently working toward your certification to become a Psychiatric ARNP. We are looking for an ARNP to perform psychiatric evaluations and medication management services to our clients. We welcome a psychiatric approach informed by complimentary medicine. Due to the number of inquiries, we will not be able to respond to your request unless you are a Psychiatric ARNP.



(Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate)


LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part-time and Full time (16-32 hours a week)
HOURS : A mixture of AM and PM shifts
Mon-Sat AM Shift 8:00am-2:00pm
Mon-Sat PM Shift 2:30 -8:30pm
COMPENSATION : $28 per session hour
ASSOCIATE LICENSE : Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate 
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : Internship or Practicum completion

King Health Associates announces its Apprenticeship Program designed just for LMHCAs is open for 2019 applicants! Are you currently pursuing clinical hours for your licensure and wanting supervision? We have designed a program for you to learn from our clinical team, see a full load of clients, work in a beautiful and calm private practice setting and get paid for your clinical work. We are holding interviews September and October for immediate hire, with a start date of around October 15, 2019. Come join a dynamic, thriving and playful group of professional colleagues and learn about the art of therapy as you obtain your hours.

What we offer:
A full client load consistently
Administrative and billing support
An amazing team of colleagues with many different specialties
Beautiful light and bright Barkley offices
Competitive pay 
Health Insurance
Paid staff meetings
Bi-weekly King Health consult groups

(** Please note that in private practice, you will be reimbursed per session and that this is not a salaried position. So if you are contracted for 32 clients each week and you see 24, you get paid for 24 sessions.**)



(Licensed Massage Practitioner)

LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part-time
COMPENSATION : % per session
MINIMUM EDUCATION : Massage Certification

King Health Associates, LLC, an established and evolving health center, focused on mental health well-being, with warm and professional office suites in beautiful and quiet, Bellingham, is looking for FULLY LICENSED massage therapists who are skilled, client-positive, and have a passion for integrated wellness. Ideal candidates will be trained in multiple interventions, and able to adapt their skillset to meet client needs. Massage therapists trained in the somatic effects of trauma on the body are encouraged to apply.

King Health will  fill your schedule, panel you on insurance, provide reception, scheduling and billing support as well as provide sheets and oils. We offer a wonderful and peaceful work environment with awesome coworkers, too

This opportunity is ideal for the highly skilled therapist who would like to work in a private practice setting without the hours of work, business acumen or financial investment of running the business of a private practice.  They must have an understanding of professionalism and precision in client communication, as well as maintain excellent clinical boundaries, as our clients are vulnerable and need good, reliable and boundaried safety from their therapists.

We're looking for Licensed Massage Therapists whose availability includes Evening shifts--with Saturday availability a possibility initially.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS include training and full professional license in Washington State.  



Admin Position


LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part-time, 23 hours per week
COMPENSATION : $14-15 per hour DOE
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : 1+ years in a medical setting required


We are expanding our front desk coverage, and are looking for experienced medical receptionists who are very motivated, detail-oriented and organized for our clinic! An appreciation of the value of mental health and wellness is imperative. This is a job for an extrovert who is energized by seeing lots of people in a day, and who loves being friendly, outgoing and calm. We have a very warm and loving team, and would love to add a positive, kind spirit to our team!
(We also have admin projects that come up regularly, so there may be an opportunity for more hours when those arise.)

The Medical Receptionist will need to be able to track many details with a calm demeanor and a sense of humor.

Duties will include:
Clear and kind communication with clinicians and clients
Answering phones, returning calls and emails
Manage incoming client request logistics (Insurance benefit checking, tracking new client emails and requests, managing communication from current clients)
Coordination with each clinician regarding new client scheduling
Tracking documentation for each clinician, office paperwork and clinical filing
Schedule new clients in an Electronic Medical Record/online calendar 
Navigate EMR to assist clinicians with management of clients
Managing multiple waitlists
​Light office cleaning and inventory

Criminal Background Check required



LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part-time to start (25 hours a week)
HOURS : M-F 8-1 or 1-7
COMPENSATION : $20 to start with increase after 6 months, or earlier for performance/experience
BENEFITS OFFERED after 6 months with hours increase
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : 2+ years in medical/health practice 


We are experiencing serious growing pains and needs a Front Office Manager pronto!  The position starts at 25 hours a week, but will move to full time in the near future.

We want a Unicorn. We know this.

  • friendly, kind but directive and great boundaries with clear expectations
  • a big picture thinker with the ability to attune to details
  • a calm, warm presence with energy and enthusiasm
  • the ability to use common sense & intuitive reasoning when faced with challenges
  • fantastic communicator with anxious or depressed clients who need kindness                                                                               

Managing 4 pt receptionists
Oversee the admin processes for the front office
Oversee and implement clinician schedule changes in EMR
Oversee online calendar and patient portal processes
Light IT work- ex: troubleshooting printers, scanners redirecting staff to FAQs and resources
Oversee payments and reception processes
Train new staff in admin processes
Reception coverage if needed
.....other random office-y stuff

Experience Requirements:2+ years
Medical Office experience
Knowledge of medical billing
Knowledge of medical reception
Experience working in an EMR/EHR
Great proficiency in MS Office Suite
Proficiency in not using paper but utilizing provided software and apps

We are a small family company with very kind and friendly staff and clinicians (none of us are Divas!)
Sorry, but we cannot respond to phone inquiries!




MEDICAL BILLER / CODER (Closed 11/2018)

LOCATION : Bellingham, WA
JOB TYPE : Part-time to start
HOURS : 9-5 Fridays /8 hrs per week to start, then possibly up to 28 in the next year
COMPENSATION : $18 to start with increase after 6 months, or earlier for performance
BENEFITS OFFERED after 6 months with hours increase
LICENSE PREFERRED : Medical Billing Certification
MINIMUM EDUCATION : Associates or higher



We are looking for a medical biller/coder with experience filing claims electronically and following up with insurance companies when claims are not paid, posting payments into our EMS, Simple Practice and Office Ally, etc. and following up with clients for payment. A medical biller/coder certification is helpful, but amount of experience will be considered, as well. The ideal personality will be someone who is health-minded, great communication skills, positive, insightful and feels committed to creating a positive work environment with their colleagues and who represents our company with professionalism and grace. This position is for a self-directed, very detailed and organized person who loves jumping in and creating workflow systems. 

Training on all of our systems will be provided.

Duties will include:
Filing electronic claims
Following up unpaid claims with insurance companies
Posting payments into EMS, Simple Practice and/or Office Ally
Following up with clients for payment
Clear and kind communication with clinicians and clients
Gathering payment reports