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Vivid, not real

I have something to say that may freak you out, doubt yourself or even make you scoff in disbelief.

Your Emotions are vivid, and yet not real.

What do you mean, not real? Aren’t my emotions real?

Short answer- No, my friend, they are not.


Yes, in fact, they are.

But they happen without the reasons we usually ascribe to them. I remember in grad school, I had a great professor who always liked to remind us, “Humans are great at knowing something painful is happening, and terrible at attributing the cause correctly!”.



Growing up, my Dad would play
his favorite records each night after dinner.


This would mean that my young brain would be awash in the lyrical poem-songs of Simon and Garfunkel, Judy Collins, the Moody Blues or the Beatles (their introspective and psychedelic years, of course.) Those records disappeared in time, as did those after dinner sessions, but for me, they created a lasting imprint of the poetry of emotion on my young heart.

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