It's Time For Cozy

Summer is winding down and it’s time to prepare. Chinese Medicine takes seasonal change very seriously as it’s the time when our systems become most vulnerable, particularly this shift from summer to fall. You’ve noticed the cooler temperatures, particularly at night, and the shorter days. All are signs to start bolstering up your immunity and securing your resources. Summer is a season of great openness and expression. The flowers bloom, the birds sing loudly, and we often find ourselves sweating from the wonderful heat of the Summer sun. With all things, our body is skilled in adaptation. Adapting to the summer means our pores are more open to quickly sweat should the combination of heat and activity require cooling perspiration. As temperatures turn toward the cooler side of things it’s important to protect our pores and start drinking warmer beverages. Cinnamon and Ginger might be the best flavors to aid you in this seasonal shift; and a scarf is one of the best protections you can have ready.

 In Chinese Medicine, Summer is paralleled to the Fire element, as everything is bright and expressive. Harvest time, which we are now entering, is paralleled to the Earth element. This is a season to take stock and build resources for the coming winter. The Earth element is most closely associated with our digestive system, specifically our stomach and our pancreas. The recommendation of the warming spices of ginger and cinnamon show that during this time of year it’s advisable to do everything possible to support digestion. Start by eating more soups and drinking more teas. To bolster the immune system King Health Associates carries Immuplex® by Standard Process. This supplement is ideal for long term immune support, helping regulate the body’s inflammatory response, promoting antioxidant activity, supplying key trace minerals, and keeping the white blood cell count within normal ranges. This is the ideal supplement for this transition into colder temperatures and shorter days.

When the dominant energy of the season is supported in the body, then seasonal transition occurs smoothly and health is protected. This also means that it’s time to take stock. Take time to journal on the fruits of recent projects and undertakings. Nourish yourself by seeking personal time to enjoy nature or take a warm bath. Finish some project that is unfinished. These activities will help your mind and body transition into the next season.

Written by Stephen Semptimphelter MS, EAMP, LAc
Stephen is a practicing acupuncturist in the Pacific Northwest

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