Hypnosis or EMDR?

Many EMDR practitioners will tell you that EMDR and hypnosis are very different. In fact, the EMDR originators go to lengths to explain that they are not the same. However, as most hypnosis practitioners will tell you, EMDR is just one of many hypnosis techniques and that the process is the same regardless. It is true that many of the techniques used in EMDR were adapted from hypnosis techniques already in use, but are they similar beyond that?


Practicing Self-Care While Coping with Crisis


This is a strange time. Some are calling it a global health crisis. Others are calling it a collective trauma. Regardless of how you’re choosing to frame what is happening in our world at the moment, I have no doubt that your stress has increased, even if undetected, and I would like to offer some simple, therapeutic ways to cope during this uncertain chapter of history.

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