Searching for a Bellingham Acupuncturist? King Health Associates now offers full-service Acupuncture treatments in our Bellwether offices, including cupping and heat treatments. Acupuncture can be an effective and complimentary tool to managing imbalance in your life, and inviting long-lasting change and transformation. King Health Acupunture maintains high clinical standards so you can discover the wonderful benefits of Acupuncture. While our Acupuncturist has a special focus on your emotional health, treating mood issues, anxiety, trauma and stress, he also addresses such physical problems as back pain, chronic pain, fatigue and sleep issues. Read about Stephen Semptimphelter by clicking his profile photo below.

At King Health Associates our Acupuncturist will address his treatments to work on a wide variety of physical issues that contribute to mood stability such as chronic pain, addiction support and fatigue. In addition to working on these issues, at King Health Associates you have the added advantage  of integrating psychotherapeutic counseling and your Acupuncture treatments together, with each treatment modality working together to enhance the other. Together with talk therapy, Acupuncture allows you to reap the powerful benefits of therapy with integrated acupuncture- creating more confidence, stability and balance in your life and relationships. 

We invite you to take your healing a step further, or even simply give yourself the experience of a full system “tune up” with a gentle and yet powerful series of Acupuncture treatments at King Health Associates.


Tipping And Gifts

Our clinical policies and licensing ethical standards require that we do not accept tips or gifts in return for any of our services. Please do not offer or leave gratuities. If you wish to, you can donate to a charity of your choice in our name. Thank you for your understanding.

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